Wednesday, November 11, 2009

«Balkanic Art Inspirations» - Melenia Art Gallery

Press Release

The Exhibition «Balkanic Art Inspirations»

Opening Thursday 19 November 2009, 19.00

National Museum Cotroceni, Bucharest

Melenia Art Gallery, Cotroceni Museum and Alpha Bank Romania present on the 19th of November 2009, at 07.00 pm, the Inter-Balkanic Art Exhibition.

Artists from Greece, Romania, Serbia, Albania and Bulgaria by taking part in this exhibition are expressing an exchange of views, their will for collaboration and their culture similarities.

This Inter-Balkanic exhibition will give them the opportunity to exchange opinions, searches, inspirations and tendencies on the contemporary art and also to strengthen the balkanic spirit of unity and support. Moreover through their works they will show and express the contemporary realities on the Balkans, sustain their identity, present the common roots and show their «diversity».

The artists who will participate are: Harris Kondosphyris and Nansy Fotopoulou from Greece, Maia Oprea, Laurentiu Midvichi and Simona Antoniu from Romania, Shefket Advush Emini from Albania, Jovana Kommenic from Serbia, as well as Snejana Simeonova from Bulgaria.

Duration of the exhibition: 19 November – 15 January 2010

The Cotroceni National Museum, 1 Geniului bld, 060116, Bucharest

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