Wednesday, May 16, 2018

MA program in Heritage Management

As part of its mission in promoting education and good practices in the field of heritage management, the Heritage Management Origanization also oversees the jointly awarded by Kent University and the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) MA program in Heritage Management. 

The MA Heritage Management is a unique intensive three semester (one and a half academic year) postgraduate program, taught exclusively in English, which combines the worlds of archaeology and business and is taught in Athens at Elefsina, an area of world-class archaeological significance. It focuses on teaching the skills required for the management of heritage sites across the world and how to effectively work with archaeologists, architects, conservators, stakeholders, marketing and education specialists while fundraising and supervising specific projects (

For the academic year 2018-2019, there are new scholarship opportunities for worthy candidates: 
1) One Bageion Foundation scholarship, worth €8000 (€4000 a year for two years) will be awarded annually to a good candidate from southern Albania(irrespective of nationality), with a preference to the area of Korçë-Korytsa. Successful candidates will have to demonstrate that there is a family connection to the area of preference of the scholarship and are encouraged to declare their interest to the area. 
The Bageion Foundation is one of the oldest foundations of Greece established during his lifetime by Ioannis Bagkas, a self-made immigrant to Alexandria Egypt, then Romania and then Athens from his hometown of Korytsa, Albania. Bagkas, remarkably in 1886, and before his own death, gave all his property to the Greek state keeping only an allowance of 1000 drachmas a month.
2) Four Bodossaki foundation half-scholarships will be awarded, each worth €3750, to worthy, deserving candidates. 
The Bodossaki Foundation was established in 1972 and is one of the most respected privately owned public-benefit organizations in Greece. It is the result of a long, strenuous and consistent effort of its founder, Prodromos Bodossakis – Athanasiadis to support the state, the society and his fellow people, as a legacy of the tradition he himself carried. The Bodossaki Foundation is currently active in four main strategic pillars: education, health, protection of the environment and the empowerment of civil society in Greece.
Inquiries for the MA program scholarships, should be addressed to Ms. Vasia Terzi at heritage@aueb.gror at

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