Saturday, March 4, 2017


A 2 day workshop that focuses on how temporary exhibitions can enhance and promote the mission of a museum, create new audiences and generate revenue for an institution.

Starting with a look at building institutional strategy for exhibition making and partnership building, participants will explore the process behind making temporary exhibitions for display at home and internationally. This will include identifying exhibition objectives, shaping the narrative and content to create a compelling visitor experience as well as the practicalities of actually delivering a project in another country. The workshop will encourage a discursive approach and participants are welcome to bring their own ideas and projects to the table.

The course will be structured into a series of talks and discussions around key themes related to the topic.These will be interspersed by workshops during which the students will have the opportunity to explore and consolidate their learnings by developing, in groups, real life projects.The projects pursued in the workshops will be selected by the course leader from the presentations given on the first day - these provide a focus for the students learning but not exclude questions relating to other relevant scenarios.

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